If you need roof lichen and moss removed from your home in Launceston, give our expert team a call.

Whether you’ve got a tiled or corrugated roof, lichen and moss on your roof not only look awful but can actually be damaging to the integrity of your property.

With lichen on corrugated iron roofs, over time, the fungi grow into the paint of iron roofs, allowing rust to take hold and cause damage.

With tiled roofs, the fungi can cause the tiles to lift which can allow damaging rain into your home, as well as creating an access point for unwanted pests like birds, mice and snakes!

Roof lichen removal is important for not only the upkeep of your roof but can also dramatically improve the appearance and value of your property.

We know it’s one of those tasks that can appear daunting to take one, but we encourage you not to ignore it but to task it to us!

Our trained and qualified team can take care of your roof lichen removal without using strong chemicals. Instead, we use a combination of medium to high pressure washers without leaving a mess.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly and effectively we can remove lichen and moss from your roof, you’ll be kicking yourself for having taken so long to call us.

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